Sunday, August 23, 2009


a short animated movie I'm working on , as a background illustrator .
these are some work in preogress backgrounds ( not final )
i will post all of them after the premiere of the movie , or when i'm allowed :D
the crew:
director : Srgjan Janikievik
character design : Damjan Mihailov - Ferwar
backgouns : Me
animators : Daniel Mitkovski and Irina Grceva

the movie will be finished in September , and the date of the premiere will be announced

testing , testing ........

break from working :D maybe a new blog banner :D

ArtJam vs FerWar

while ago me and my buddy Damjan Ferwar started a drawing competition for fun,
the rules are: 1 theme , 5-20 min , Skype comunication :D .... FUN!
other duels on

the theme : a Elephant and a Wasp Demon ....
pic no.1 Ferwar
pic no.2 Me ( i know that i am missing a ''t'' in ''Little'' lazy to correct it )

The mind is a terible place.....

tribute ti Mignola

tribute to one of my favorite artist Mike Mignola :D
this is already his illustration, i just redraw it and put my little twist on it :D
copyright Mike Mignola and DarkHorse Comics

Random LOTR Sketch

..........testing a brush in PhotoShop :D